Home Shack

**November 2017 Update**

We’re in transition to our new property.  All of the fixed station equipment is stored and I’m using my portable station if the opportunity to operate arrises.

Fixed Station (N33°00’32” / W80°15’27” | EM93UA92CC)

The fixed station consists of an Icom 756ProIII into an Ameritron AL-80B and a Palstar AT2K for those bands which aren’t resonant on one of the antennas. There’s an Icom 208H for VHF/UHF. I’ve got an old LDG AT-11 auto tuner as well, but it needs to go as I haven’t used it in some time. For CW, there’s a Vibroplex key and a Lionel J-38 straight key.

The primary antenna for HF is an inverted-V multi-element fan dipole resonant on 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, and 6m. This is hanging at about 40 feet from a pine tree. It’s not oriented very well due to the position of the tree in relation to the house and property line but it works. For 2m, there’s a copper J-Pole mounted on the side of the house.

Update: I had been experimenting with a 160m full wave loop and a 160m inverted-L.  I’ve since taken both down.  I don’t operate much on 160m and my other antenna does pretty well on 80m.

For years I had been using on old speaker and the stock hand-mic’s that came with my radios. I picked up a Heil Proset Plus at HRO and am very pleased. It works very well for contesting and when I need to keep the noise level down. I also have a Heil PR-781 with the Heil Boom and Shock Mount. The audio from this mic is very nice.

Update: I bought a 55ft tower some time back.  I hadn’t put it up due to the possibility of moving.  But I think it’s time to get that Mosley beam up in the air.  Hopefully I can break ground soon and get started with the installation.