Mobile Station – Dodge Truck

Mobile Station – Dodge Truck

The mobile station installed in my truck is an Icom 706MkII with a Diamond 2m/70cm dual-bander and a Scorpion Screwdriver for HF.

The radio is mounted under the driver’s seat with the control head mounted on a homebrew mount just to the left of the broadcast radio.

The Diamond antenna is mounted in a homebrew stake pocket mount on the passenger side bed rail.

The Scorpion Screwdriver is mounted on a homecrew bracket against the driver’s side bed rail just behind the rear wheel (almost at the tailgate).  I put it here originally to get the RF as far away from the passengers as possible but still protect the antenna by having it in the bed.  It’s worked well but I didn’t really think through the installation when I started, so I have a make-shift insulator between the body of the screwdriver and the bed rail.  I plan to re-mount it and improve the grounding in the fall.

For APRS there’s an Icom 2100 with a OpenTracker+ installed under the passenger’s seat.  There’s a small (as in short) Diamond 2m antenna mounted with a trunk lip mount on the rear passenger’s door.

Some people have claimed all kinds of ignition noise from Dodge Trucks.  I have none and make contacts all of the world without problem.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have a diesel…