It’s time for a tower

after a long time looking I finally got the go-ahead from the XYL to put a tower up.  I priced various solutions, new and used, and had almost settled upon an Aluma Tower T-50H with a Mosley TA-33-XL-WARC.  My concern with the Aluma Tower was it’s dead weight carrying capacity of only 125lbs.  Ron was great to talk with me several times and I was almost ready to place an order for both items. factory new.  But…

I found a US Tower TX-455 with a Mosley Pro-57-B for sale.  The price seemed so-so at first but it was a complete tower solution and was pretty much what I’d been looking at.  I made the drive to Georgia and hauled back said tower with an original CDE HAM-IV, 15 foot heavy duty mast, Mosley PRO-57-B-3 beam, 4 pieces of 200 foot long RG-8 coax, 200 feet of rotator control wire, 200 feet of UF electric wire for the motorized raising assembly on the tower, the motorized rasing assembly, the raising fixture that allows it to be leaned to the ground, a 2m beam, and a 440 beam.

That’s everything needed except the base bolts and concrete.  I’ve got the bolts ordered and am going to get started with diging this week.