Maytag/Whirlpool and the exploding range

Well, it didn’t explode…  But…

If you know us, we’ve been having issues with our freestanding gas range for some time.  We had finally been using an extended warranty on a major appliance, so that’s a first for us.  Ultimately, working with Whirlpool directly, we determined that the range couldn’t be repaired.  So, combining the warranty buy-out and what Whirlpool was willing to do for us, we replaced it with a new Wolf freestanding gas range.  You can’t beat a 5 year warranty!  It was a little pricey and after moving it into the kitchen I think they sell it by the pound.  Overall, it cooks so much better and we’re very happy with it.

The lesson here is if you’re not happy with an appliance and it’s a danger to your home and family, contact the manufacturer.  I did, and they were very willing to work with me to diagnose the problem and solve the problem.