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James Island County Park

Campground: James Island County Park Campground

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Site We Stayed In: 20

Comments: Very social campground with great amenities.  Since it’s 45 minutes from our house, the drive was just right.  All of the spots in this campground are nice, just understand that the family spots (looks like a Y on the map) can be a bit tight if you’re not related to your neighbors.  That was our case since we were on the wait list.  But everyone was friendly and a good time was had by all.

North Beach Camp Resort

Campground: North Beach Camp Resort

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Site We Stayed In: 113

Comments: Great location with easy access to the beach.  Entry into the campground is a little tight through their gate.  I drug the gate arm, saw someone else stop to keep from hitting it, and saw the arm missing one day.  And as luck would have it, we had the only site at the campground that received full sun all day long…  If you’re going to stay there, you might avoid sites 111-115.