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All things CW and morse code related.

CWOps Rocks!

Wrapped up the CWOps Level2 class the end of Feb.  Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I’d highly recommend the class to anyone interested in CW.

CWOps CW Academy

Am really enjoying the CWOps CW Academy Level2 class.  Jack Ritter (W0UCE) and Jack Hubbard (NI8N) are awesome as well as the rest of my classmates.  If you want to increase your proficiency with CW or learn the code for the first time, I’d highly recommend this course.

Starting the year off with CW

I made it into the CWOps CW Academy for the Jan/Feb Level2 class.  Am really enjoying it and can tell that my speed is improving.  I worked a little of NAQP CW this month.