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Things related to equipment from Elecraft.

Elecraft PX3

Received my Elecraft PX3 in Oct.  Awesome addition to my portable station.  I had my KX-Line setup and worked one of the digital contests without a problem.  I’m very happy with the KX-Line!


My KXPA100 arrived last week.  Got it assembled and am very pleased.  Just need to figure out the portable power to drive this thing now.  Solar and a decent battery is what I’m thinking.

KX3 from the campground

We were out camping over the July 4th weekend.  I pulled the KX3 out for a couple of contacts in the 13 Colonies Special Event.  Used the LNR EndFedz on the 31′ Jackite pole.  Worked great!  I think I’ve found a decent portable kit.  Maybe a magnetic loop antenna for when I can’t put a wire up, but otherwise I’m pretty happy.