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Had a lot of fun working CQ WPX SSB this weekend.  I’m not a real contender for any awards, but I had fun working a lot of Asia stations on 10m.


Had a good time last weekend with the ARRL Nov SS Phone.  I hadn’t really operated in a while, so it was good to spend some time in the chair.  Of course, I’m a very casual contester, doing more search-and-pounce than anything.  Although living in South Carolina, I was somewhat in demand for those chasing a clean sweep.  Sun afternoon, there were several people who said I was their last section for a clean sweep.

Let’s see what the log checking produces…

More Mobile Contesting

I snagged a couple more contacts in the WAE DX contest while mobile this afternoon.  This was more by chance than anything.  I had to run over to the grocery store and had nothing better to do during the short drive.

I just need some decent logging software for my Nokia e61.  Or better yet, another good reason for an iPhone…