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Things related to this server or services we’re running.

A lot of changes in the last year

Wow, how time flies…  Yet again…

It’s been about a year since anything worthwhile has been added here.  But a lot has changed.  The 2 SOTA activations happened as part of a trip to TN.  Since that trip, we’ve moved to the greater Knoxville TN area, sold our house in Summerville SC, bought just over 15 acres in TN, and are working at building a house.

Over the course of the year, I’ve kept this site up-to-date with patches and it’s been migrated around a little from a private server at my home to being hosted in Azure and then finally in Google Compute.  I’ll do a whole article on the back-end as it’s a rather fun solution.

Winter is almost here and the leaves are falling.  Time to get up onto a mountain and do a SOTA activation.

Server Update and Move

After a bit of neglect, I’ve updated the underlying software and moved the site to a different server with a bit better performance.  Now, to create content…


Site Move

Over the last week I went through the process of moving this site (and several others) away from my old web hosting account at GoDaddy to a vm from a cloud provider.  I did a number of back-end software upgrades along with simplifying how the site works.  Let’s see how Azure works out…