My KXPA100 arrived last week.  Got it assembled and am very pleased.  Just need to figure out the portable power to drive this thing now.  Solar and a decent battery is what I'm thinking.

We were out camping over the July 4th weekend.  I pulled the KX3 out for a couple of contacts in the 13 Colonies Special Event.  Used the LNR EndFedz on the 31' Jackite pole.  Worked great!  I think I've found a decent portable kit.  Maybe a magnetic loop antenna for when I can't put a wire up, but otherwise I'm pretty happy.

I put up an Off Center Fed Dipole fed with some 450 Ohm window line using a 4:1 balun (  I'm using 45ft on one leg and 90ft on the other leg.  So far, it's looking good.  SWR is low across several bands and it can hear very well.

Update:  I took the OCFD down and put up a loop.  I need to get it up a bit higher, but it hears pretty good.

My portable HF kit is coming together rather nicely.  To go along with the KX3, I've got a 31' Jackite pole for antenna support.  I have a 88' doublet fed with 300 Ohm twinlead and a 20m dipole fed with 450 Ohm window line.  I tossed a short piece of RG-8x into the bag for use with my binding post-to-BNC adapter just in case I have issues with using the twinlead or window line.

I'm powering everything from a pair of 3200 MAh LifePO4 batteries connected in series to get 13V.  The LifePO4 batteries are rather light for the power they provide and can take a charge rather quickly.