I'm really liking the Elecraft K3, P3, and KPA500.  I've made several DX contacts (including TX5K) and am very pleased with the receiver and ability to locate signals with the P3 and external SVGA monitor.

The KPA500 is so integrated with the K3, it's like simply having a 500W capable radio. Turn it on and operate.  No tuning or worrying about band switches.

I'm so glad I went with this setup!

It's all assembled...  Started Friday evening and here it is midnight on Saturday and I've got my new K3, P3, and KPA500 all working.  Now to put them to use...

My wife, Rhonda, has been getting involved with local politics.  Here she is at the end of Mark Sanford's commercial.


In looking for a decent power source for my new Elecraft KX3, I came up with a pair of LifeSource 6.6V 3200mAH LifePo4 batteries connected in series.  Gives me around 13V at full charge and is relatively light weight and compact.  I used some double-sided velco strap to hold the two packs together.  Works very well and is light enough that I could make up 2 separate packs which should give some decent operating time.

I spent a couple of minutes out in the yard yesterday and tuned some wire to 40m for a portable antenna.  Using some small line, I've got a decent setup for getting the antenna up into a tree.

Now a travel case...