I assembled my new Elecraft KX3 over the weekend.  Super easy to do.  Nothing more than mounting the boards and connecting a couple of wires. Definitely a project/kit anyone can do.

Other than doing a little testing, I haven't really operated with it.  Looking forward to going portable with it and making some contacts.

Arrived at home this evening, having been away all week.  The new Desco StatFree B2 (66164) was waiting for me.  Very nice mat which includes a common point grounding wire with a snap kit to attach to the mat and 2 receptacles (female) for banana plus from wrist straps.

Now to get it setup and start assembling the Elecraft KX3.

I'm in CA today.  Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Elecraft asking if they took visitors at their office and if they had a K3/P3 I could look at.  The response form Lisa was "we love visitors".  Today I went by Elecraft and Howard spent a while with me showing all about the K3/P3/KPA500.  We then went on a shop tour and then he opened up his K3 at his desk so I could look inside.

Now that's customer service and pride in your job and product.  While I recently purchased a KX3 and became a customer.  They just gained a repeat customer as I will definitely make any future radio purchases from them.

I'm really looking forward to ordering a K3!

Had a good time last weekend with the ARRL Nov SS Phone.  I hadn't really operated in a while, so it was good to spend some time in the chair.  Of course, I'm a very casual contester, doing more search-and-pounce than anything.  Although living in South Carolina, I was somewhat in demand for those chasing a clean sweep.  Sun afternoon, there were several people who said I was their last section for a clean sweep.

Let's see what the log checking produces...