Just got back from Legoland FL.  Left on 12/26 and came home on 12/30.  We had a great time at the park and spent some time at Downtown Disney one day.  Stayed at Cypress Campground which was just up the road from Legoland.

My son is 6 and he loved it.  Especially the Imagination Station (where you build and race cars).  I think he could have stayed in there all day.  The pirate show was good and the fireworks fun.

I've been going back through the K7QO CW Code Course.  My CW skills are pretty rusty and lately I've had the urge to make more CW contacts.  Not that I have much time to play radio, but this could be a fun evening activity when camping or backpacking.

If you need a code refresher or to learn for the first time, I highly recommend the K7QO CW Course.

Ordered an Elecraft KX3 (w/ roofing filters, battery charger, key, hand mic, and ATU) on 1/1.  Received shipping notification on 1/2 and am expecting delivery on 1/9.  Quick service by Elecraft to get my order out the door right after the holidays.

Really looking forward to assembling it and getting on the air with what I hear is an awesome rig.

I ordered a new ESD mat from Digi-Key to assemble my KX3 on.  Placed the order on-line around 3pm ET and it shipped in about 1 hr.  That's quick!