We did our annual camping trip to James Island County Park last weekend.  I pulled the camper down and setup on Thursday evening to avoid the Friday traffic.  I also took Friday off from work, so the long weekend was nice.

Had a blast riding the train, looking at the lights, and just being lazy at the campground.  We booked our spot for 2013, which sells out quickly.  Looks like some friends will be camping with us next year, yeah!

I spent four days hiking on the Foothills Trail with some friends.  We started at the southern terminus and headed up to Whitewater Falls.  Overall, the trip was good.  I enjoyed the trail and the time out in the woods.

The bad part...  Total boot failure with a pair of Vasque boots I had been wearing for about a year.  They just wouldn't let any moisture out and my feet started to break down.  I ended up with two terrible blisters, which is something that rarely happens to me.  I've done a lot of walking, between the military and backpacking, and followed normal practice like changing socks and airing my feet.  But no-go...

I ended up walking the last day in my Vibram FiveFingers.  If I hadn't had my FiveFinger with me, I'd have been in real trouble.

So, I'm thinking when I go back to finish the northern part of the Foothills Trail, I may do it all in my FiveFingers.

I took a rock (or other flying object) to the center sliding pane of glass on my truck while mowing.  Luckily I was able to find the part at a local Dodge dealer for about $126 plus tax.

The worst part was cleaning up all the little bits of glass from the break.  I can only image that in an accident someone in the back seat would have cuts all over.

Replacement is rather simple, just remove the top and bottom track inserts, slide the new pane into the top rail then drop into bottom rail.  All that's left is sliding the track inserts back in.  One small issue was the center seat belt.  I had to remove the cover and very carefully slide the pane in behind it so that it would engage with the top track.  Overall, rather simple and quick.

I found this video on YouTube of someone changing their window which was rather helpful.

Went camping this weekend at River Bottom Farms near Swansea SC.  It's the only Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Camp Resort in South Carolina.  Very nice, family friendly, campground with plenty of activities for all ages.