We've been doing a lot with trains for a while now.  When at the hobby shop shopping recently, we were invited to an indoor flying session at a local church.  We went and watch, having a lot of fun seeing the trouble everyone kept getting into.  My son did pretty good with one of my older electric buggies this weekend so we went and picked up a Hobby Zone Ember 2 RTF.  We flew it around the yard a little but the wind was picking up so we called it a day.  We're looking forward to going over to the football field or somewhere else and trying it out.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate today.


I've been (trying) to play guitar a bit.  I played base a bit as a teenager, but haven't touched a stringed instrument in over 20 years.  I found a great deal on a Taylor 314ce in Feb 2010 and have been having fun with it.

Lately, I've been wanting something electric.  Been looking at Strats and Les Pauls.  Since I've got a garage full of woodworking tools, I'm seriously thinking about building a Strat.  Stewart-MacDonald has some great prices on parts so I may take the plunge.  Worst case is I have some parts to upgrade a cheap Fender Strat.


I simply have the best wife in the world!!!


This is what she let me bring home for fathers day.  A new Fender American Strat!

I picked up a couple of things to make guitar practice a little more fun.  All working very well.


A Sonic Research Turbo Tuner and am very pleased with it.  Tuning is soooo much faster now and the display is very easy to read.

An Electro-harmonix Holy Grail Plus to a get some reverb since my current amp doesn't offer any.  Works very well and has plenty of options.

And last, but definitely not least, a VOX amPlug AC30 for practicing with headphones when I need to keep things quiet.  This has been handy at home for late-night practice when everyone is asleep.  But I can see this being very useful for hotel rooms and other places where the sound level needs to be kept to a minimum and portability is important.  Also, even though the photo doesn't really show, it fits nicely into the jack on my new Strat.