I activated my first summit for Summits On The Air!

I made a stop at Snowbird Mountain, W4T/SU-035, on June 22 2016.  The approach road gets pretty steep within the last 2 miles of the summit.  I was happy to be in my jeep!  I arrived around 5:30p.  There was no gate at the top as described by some others, just a gravel area surrounding the VORTAC with a short wooden fence (maybe 3ft high) around the building.  I drove around the building and parked at as far away from everything as I could and grabbed my gear.

The AT maintainers in the area have done a great job of keeping the grass and brush cut low from the parking area down to the AT and along that open section of the AT.  It made finding a spot right at the benchmark very easy.

I was setup and operational at 6:27p local and had to start packing up at 7:09p local due to bad weather moving in.

Thanks to N1GB, K4MF, ND0C, W0MNA, W0ERI, NG6R, AK5SD, K4KSW, KX0R, N0VMI, KJ4FGI, and AC1Z for the contacts.




Read my review of the G3LIV Isoterm Traveller USB.  It's an excellent audio interface with true keyed TX.

Wrapped up the CWOps Level2 class the end of Feb.  Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I'd highly recommend the class to anyone interested in CW.

Am really enjoying the CWOps CW Academy Level2 class.  Jack Ritter (W0UCE) and Jack Hubbard (NI8N) are awesome as well as the rest of my classmates.  If you want to increase your proficiency with CW or learn the code for the first time, I'd highly recommend this course.