I made it into the CWOps CW Academy for the Jan/Feb Level2 class.  Am really enjoying it and can tell that my speed is improving.  I worked a little of NAQP CW this month.

Received my Elecraft PX3 in Oct.  Awesome addition to my portable station.  I had my KX-Line setup and worked one of the digital contests without a problem.  I'm very happy with the KX-Line!

Over the last week I went through the process of moving this site (and several others) away from my old web hosting account at GoDaddy to a vm from a cloud provider.  I did a number of back-end software upgrades along with simplifying how the site works.  Let's see how Azure works out...

Had a lot of fun working CQ WPX SSB this weekend.  I'm not a real contender for any awards, but I had fun working a lot of Asia stations on 10m.