Wow, what a nice boom. Long arms and it stays where you put it. I've got a PR781 hanging on it and it's working great. At first, I was a little hesitant to part with the $100 thinking that I could homebrew something out of a $20 desk lamp boom. I've got one of those desk lamps at my operating position and after comparing I'm glad I spent the money. There's a world of difference between the two and the Heil boom has just the right length to get the mic into position from my operating chair.

If I had to have a complaint, it would be the plastic caps that snap into the rails to hide the cable. They don't like to stay snapped in place. But a little piece of double-sided velcro strap and that's taken care of.

Update, 6 years later

Still doing what it's supposed to and I get great audio reports using this mic with my K3.  The shock cord suspension lines on the mic mount gave up after several years, but that was a quick fix with several feet of cord from the local marine supply.

pl2tbig HeilPRSM