I made a stop at Snowbird Mountain, W4T/SU-035, on June 22 2016.  The approach road gets pretty steep within the last 2 miles of the summit.  I was happy to be in my jeep!  I arrived around 5:30p.  There was no gate at the top as described by some others, just a gravel area surrounding the VORTAC with a short wooden fence (maybe 3ft high) around the building.  I drove around the building and parked at as far away from everything as I could and grabbed my gear.

The AT maintainers in the area have done a great job of keeping the grass and brush cut low from the parking area down to the AT and along that open section of the AT.  It made finding a spot right at the benchmark very easy.

I was setup and operational at 6:27p local and had to start packing up at 7:09p local due to bad weather moving in.

Snowbird_Benchmark Snowbird_AT