I was traveling back home and took a short break to activate Sassafras Mountain.  The drive up to the base of the summit was easy and there's a very nice parking area.  There's access to the Foothills Trail as well, so there's a good amount of foot traffic across the summit.

Most of the summit has been cleared as part of a project to build an observation tower.  I found a sheltered spot on one of the small logging roads they've cut into the deadfall.

Station was my KX3+PX3 and the 33' Jackite pole with the end fed half wave antenna.  All of it running from my new Bioenno LifePO4 battery.

Thanks to KW4JM, KB1RJD, KB1RJC, W0MNA, W4KRN, KI4SVM, KC3ABF, VA2MO, and VE2JCM for making contacts. On this activation I had 2 summit to summit contacts, KW4JM on W4C/WM-027 and KI4SVM on W4C/CM-009.


Was a beautiful view from the summit!