I've built some small kits over the last couple of years.  Mainly some APRS trackers and interface projects.  After Randy (K4QO) gave a talk on operating QRP at a Trident Amateur Radio Club meeting, I've been wanting to build a larger kit.

I had been debating an Elecraft KX1 but hadn't wanted to spend the nearly $500 for the kit with options.  Yet I wanted to build something more than just a single frequency Tun Tin style kit.  I had almost settled on group of kits from the Maine QRP Club (www.qrpme.com) until Tom (NA4U) showed his PFR-3 mid-build at a TARC meeting.

I did a bit more research and finally settled on the Hendricks PFR-3.  Only problem was, they were closed for the summer due to some health related commitments (read their web site).  So, I waited...  And after several weeks of waiting, ordered my PFR-3 kit on Friday, Sep 11.

I opted for the Baby Black Widow key instead of the paddles made by Hendricks.  I ordered it at the same time.

This'll be the first in a series of posts documenting the build of both items.  More to come when the kits arrive.