It's December...  Where did the year go???

As I sit here reflecting on the projects and tasks I have open around the house that will be carried over into the new year, I wonder just how some of them will end up.

I've been waiting to dig and pour the tower base since we've been tossing around the idea of looking for a bigger plot of land.  So, no doubt I'll be unloading the tower and working on that as a spring project.

The trains...  With Seth's love for trains, we've stepped up to electric this year.  We've been visiting the Charleston Area Model Railroad Club and Seth has been having a blast watching the trains.  So, he'll be receiving a bunch of O-Gauge trains for Christmas and birthday.  That means I've got to get a train table built so we can lay it all out.  I'm thinking 5x7 here in my room.  But this will no doubt turn into an all-year project.

Then there's the house.  I was trying to have some painting finished before Christmas but it just doesn't look like it's going to happen.  I'm taking about 2 weeks off over the holidays, so maybe I can get this done so it doesn't carry over into 2010.