I picked up a couple of things to make guitar practice a little more fun.  All working very well.

A Sonic Research Turbo Tuner and am very pleased with it.  Tuning is soooo much faster now and the display is very easy to read.


An Electro-harmonix Holy Grail Plus to a get some reverb since my current amp doesn't offer any.  Works very well and has plenty of options.


And last, but definitely not least, a VOX amPlug AC30 for practicing with headphones when I need to keep things quiet.  This has been handy at home for late-night practice when everyone is asleep.  But I can see this being very useful for hotel rooms and other places where the sound level needs to be kept to a minimum and portability is important.  Also, even though the photo doesn't really show, it fits nicely into the jack on my new Strat.