The PFR-3 and BBW are each about half finished but have somewhat stalled with work and family activities.  But those as slowing down a little so I'll get back to both this week.

This coming week marks our 10 year wedding anniversary.  When most people think about anniversary gifts, they start thinking about rings and flowers and watches and elegant meals and so on...  Well, those all have their place and no doubt she'll be receiving some "sparkly" thinks from me later this week.

But...  What's a wife to get a husband that has 2 primary hobbies (amateur radio and shooting/reloading)???  This year there was no hiding it when the FedEx driver showed up.  A Dillon 650XL with the automatic case feeder and 2 complete caliber conversions for our 2 most popular calibers.  WOW!!!

I have the best wife ever!!!